Class # 3 – The Sounds and Smells of Happy Life

Schedule 4-29 class #3

Today, Anton led a conversation about HOME.

As writing prompt for the day, students wrote down sounds and smells that remind them of their home and of the neighborhoods they live in, and the one here on Chicago Ave where T-Plus is located.

Poem 4-29 class #3

It was an interesting conversation that went in a lot of directions.  Sounds and smells are powerful, and can certainly please or upset us.

The Poem:

The Sounds + Smells of Happy Life

Muted dishes, television + creaky floor boards

Birds chirping through sweet air

Living with the rhythm of the ocean

Under a big hot rainbow

Dashing Cat Scratches at the window

My home is buttery popcorn

Cinnamon swirl

Pepperoni Pizza Chicago Style

Excited Pink Green houses of family

My people, close cabin people

Chicago Avenue

Students talking everything

-and their own dirt digging

Powderhorn ducks on the lake

Geese following me back on the scene

Where school is my kind of stuff.


Before our poem conversation, we got up on our feet with a movement exercise called FLOCK OF BIRDS.


People moving through the space as a group, taking turns to form statues one-by-one, in relationship with the statues made by the players before you.  Music is playing and affects how we move through the space and partly informs the statues we make.


People were taking really bold individual choices and working together at the same time to form some beautiful statues.

We had an awesome flow going through the whole exercise.

IMG_6627 IMG_6508 copy

After class, the three teaching artists were talking amongst ourselves and we all agreed – this group of students will take on anything artistic you throw at them.  They are hungry and ready to go.  It’s exciting.


In Class # 2, we asked the following writing prompt:

What are you reaching for? What are you working on?

The conversation that followed was just stunning.

Here’s the poem we all collaboratively wrote together:

Poem 4-20 Class #2

The full words are here:

My Future Glory



Make New Worlds

Credit by Credit

Story by Story

To empathize with others –


We gotta mix it all together

Like a music video with

the Sun shining Bright!

My very own place

Bright blue like my emotional side

Paint those feelings out


C’mon in, and Welcome

To independence

Real Jobbin’ it, Full-Smilin’ it

Right Girl green like

New grown grass

My own family

And my goals yet unseen

Biking to friends yet unmet

The idea-building, world-bettering,

Future Self.



IMG_8632 Drumming(IMG_8623)


IMG_8629 rwithpoem copy